For years we have been doing our work with commitment and dedication.
Precisely for this reason we can give our products that taste that no one else will ever have. This is our vocation, this is Agricons. The artichokes have always been the main production of Agricons, this feature takes its origin exactly in the geographical region where the cultivation of artichoke assumes the value of a real culture: Puglia.
Later, over time, the vegetable specialties, the inimitable starters, and the production of delicious porcini mushrooms were born. Agricons, today, proposes itself to its customers with a range of almost unique artichokes for assortment and quality. In fact, all strictly produced in the factory of Mesagne (Brindisi), artichokes have a common denominator: the highest quality.
The careful selection of the raw material that requires the exclusive use of the Apulian millefeuille variety, the immediate and complete processing within 24 hours of collection.


Agri Conserve srl
Contrada Galina km.2 – 72023 Mesagne (BR)

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